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Feats that may seem unachievable by ourselves, become possible when we unite to form a group or community. It was this power of ‘Mai se Hum’ that brought together a bunch of like- minded geniuses, a year ago, to lay the foundation of Frendy.

At Frendy, we understand the soul of the Indian customer who loves that little ‘extra’. So, while we connect a diverse community of Indian buyers and sellers, we have ensured that our customers get something more than just a great shopping experience. Through our unique community-based lifetime invite programme, we provide customer loyalty benefits and opportunities to earn like no other. To put it in simple words, Frendy is where customers can SHOP, SHARE & EARN at the same time.

As a team that’s growing by the day, we’re a friendly bunch of enthusiastic and experienced youngsters who are up to creating an exclusive online ‘shopping and earning’ experience. The leadership in which each member has over 15 years of experience, encourages and embraces novel ideas.


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