‘Hum Hai to Main Hun’ – Our gratitude to frontline team

‘Hum Hai to Main Hun’ – Our gratitude to frontline team

In the last 2 months the warehouse operations and delivery team have shown great courage and leadership. We pay tribute to two of these superheroes – Vipul and Jayendra who have shown exemplary leadership in these times. Their selflessness strengthens our belief in “Mein Hun, Kyuki Hum Hai”. Thank you Vipul & Jayesh and the entire Ops & Delivery team.

Vipul Harsora works in the Ops Department at our Ahmedabad Warehouse. Vipul is only 21 years old and currently lives in the Behrampura area. His family hails from Surendranagar. He moved to the city at a young age with the dream to earn and support his family. He loves traveling and reading  books.

With the 8x surge in demand Vipul has been on his toes; working long hours and multiple shifts to ensure products are picked and orders are packed and  dispatched on time. He has consistently followed all the safety guidelines prescribed by the company, taking proper precautions while picking, packing and delivering to your homes. He is leading the Hygiene challenge ( a gamified leaderboard) formulated as a game by our H.I.T ( Hygiene Inspection Team)  to incentivize our frontline colleagues to follow the safety precautions.  He has also gone the extra mile by delivering food items and meals to families in neighboring areas over and above his regular work.

His dedication & hard work is inspiring for all of us. We are truly humbled to have heroes like him as a part of our team.

Vipul’s Family

Jayendra Family :

Jayendra Sonwane is  a superhero  in our delivery team. He a resident of Kalupur in Ahmedabad city. His family hails from Pandarpur a village in Maharashtra. He is a very passionate dancer and in his free time he loves to teach dance to kids in his neighborhood.   At a time when most people prefer to stay at home with their families, Jayendra was ready to serve all the people who were stuck at home in the lockdown.

Jayendra has gone above and beyond several times in customer service.  One such incident was when a customer’s parents were old and asthmatic and were unable to go out shopping for essentials. The customer asked Jayendra if he could help drop off some vegetables and food to his parents and Jayendra went out of his way to deliver them to the aged parents. He has also delivered masks and snack packets to the traffic police. We are humbled to have team members like him who put service before self and make a difference in the lives of others.