Main Se Hum Video

Main Se Hum Video

Frendy is a start up of Bharat, by Bharat and for Bharat. Having a team with roots in Bharat was a conscious part of our the company culture. Our team had to understand our customers. Being based out of Ahmedabad calibrated us to a non-metro culture. Ahmedabad despite being a Tier 1 city in size has the feel of Bharat. We recruited people who had roots in Bharat – who either came from small towns or had family in the small towns of India. We run our monthly All-Hands in Hindi and Gujarati. As we move our operations into other states we hope to embrace other vernacular languages. We truly believe that our diversity is our strength.

One of our in house creations during the lockdown demonstrates this very diversity.
Main Se Hum Video

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.”

Our young & energetic team is full of positivity & hope, even in these tough times. Working from home alongside each other with utmost dedication, we collaborated to talk about Frendy and what we truly stand for.

All of us here speak our mother tongues. We might be speaking different languages, but we all have the same voice. All of us are true representatives of Bharat – have the vernacular capability as a team and are multicultural. This is the beauty of Frendy, this is the beauty of Bharat.

We are Frendy, We are Bharat!

Striving towards our mission:

Main Se Hum

Bharat, here we come!

We are Bharat. We are Frendy.